Fortress Wallet

The ultimate app to unlock your audience.

Remove the web3 hurdles and engage your entire audience with our keyless wallet - just sign up with an email and password! - payment processing in fiat along with crypto, and allow users to hold their assets directly in your platform with our embeddable APIs.

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Fortress Wallet

User friendly NFT wallet, merchant accounts, and royalties.

Consumer wallet

User Friendly Wallet

A Wallet for Everyone
We eliminate private keys & seed phrases providing a secure, stress-free login, and password recovery process allowing everyone to enjoy the fun of Web3.

Support NFTs and tokens across Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana as well as popular crypto like Bitcoin all in one place.

Connect to your favorite marketplaces, platforms, and dApps over WalletConnect.


Streamlined Payment Processing

Checkout Widget (coming soon)
Accept credit & debit card as well as linked bank accounts natively in USD without the need for a fiat to crypto on-ramp.

Save Card for Later (coming soon)
Users can save their card information for future purchases. For highly anticipated releases, users can pre-register to link their card so they’re ready to checkout right when the drop starts.

Multiple Payment Options (coming soon)
Users can pay by linking a bank account, wires, and crypto in addition to credit cards


Royalties that work

Multiple Admins (coming soon)
Create transparency and visibility among all the parties owed parts of proceeds.

Auto-convert Crypto to USD (coming soon)
Automatically convert the royalties from ETH, SOL, or other crypto automatically into USD you can use.

Multichain Account
Use the same royalty account across projects on different blockchains.

Embeddable WALLET

Embed the ultimate wallet directly into your application or platform.

The Fortress Wallet API lets you create a cross-chain wallet for your users that holds crypto, NFTs, stablecoins, utility tokens, and more. NFTs are supported on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Binance Smart Chain (coming soon)

Automatically create wallets for all your users​.

Using the Wallet API, you can create wallets for all your users directly in your application without forcing them to link
a third party wallet or sending them away to go download one.

Simple Integrations for your business.

Create a few simple UI screens that call our APIs and you’ll be
up and running in no time. Our design guide will walk you through viewing NFTs and tokens, making transactions, and showing the history.

Hold all of a user’s blockchain assets in one place.

You no longer have to deal with the hassle of opening wallets for every blockchain and asset you want to hold. In one place, our wallets can hold crypto, NFTs, stablecoins, utility tokens, rewards tokens, and 220+ more tokens.


Launch in weeks, not months or years.

Our mission is to build key Infrastructure for NFT & crypto innovators that onboard the next billion people into blockchain.


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