Financial Services

Financial infrastructure for the blockchain world.

The first Trust-as-a-Service platform of its kind extending the typical BaaS offering into NFTs, web3, crypto, and other alternative assets.

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Financial Services

Payments, crypto trading, qualified custody, and everything in between.


Scalable & Secure Rails

Fiat Payments
Move USD easily and securely with other global currencies coming soon:
– Wire
– Linked bank account (ACH)
– Credit & Debit Cards (coming soon)

Crypto Payments
Transact in crypto across all major networks and tokens:
– 30 blockchain protocols
– Over 1200+ tokens


Hold Assets Your Way

Multiple Account Types
Various account types and models to fit the needs of your use case offered both as sub-accounts and omnibus accounts

– Individual Account
– Business Account

Tax Advantaged
– IRA (coming soon)

– Asset Protection Trust (coming soon)
– Royalty Account
– Merchant Account


Qualified Custodian

Qualified Custody
Compliantly and securely custody a wide variety of traditional and alternative assets including:
– Fiat
– Crypto
– NFTs
– Securities
– Real Estate
– Private Business Interests
– Other Alternative Assets


Flexible Crypto Trading

Top Trading Pairs
Trade between the most popular token pairs directly in accounts:


– USD/BNB (coming soon)

Efficient Pricing
Real time order routing connected to multiple liquidity partners to optimize for the best available prices.

Trade Across Multiple Venues
Connect automatically across multiple venues to ensure high uptime and deep liquidity even in the event of downtimes in single venues or exchanges.


Scalable BSA Compliance

Onboard users quickly and compliantly with BSA level KYC checks, sanctions screening, and transaction monitoring. Supports:
– US & International
– Individuals & Entities
– Low Friction Onboarding
– High Levels of Automation


Simple, Secure, & Instant

Settle Efficiently
Settle transactions between counterparties in real time across accounts.

Settle multiple assets including fiat, crypto, NFTs, and alternative assets.


Royalties That Work

Multichain Account
Use the same royalty account across projects on different blockchains.

Autoconvert Crypto to USD (coming soon)
Automatically convert the royalties from ETH, SOL, or other crypto automatically into USD you can use.


The Trustee You Deserve

Tokenize Assets
Hold assets in trust for the benefit of token holders
in order to tokenize them onto the blockchain for example USD for fully reserved stablecoins or real estate.

Leverage Nevada Laws
With some of the strongest asset protection and privacy laws, leverage Nevada’s trust framework for your assets.

Asset Protection Trusts
Protect assets in a variety of different structures and frameworks from traditional asset protection trusts to college savings focused vehicles.


The power of Fortress Trust delivered over simple, secure, and scalable architecture.

We provide marketplaces, NFT platforms, neobanks, brands & influencers, blockchain applications, fintechs, and everything in between an expansive suite of crypto, web3, and blockchain infrastructure APIs to help build and scale seamlessly and securely.

Regulatory Focused

Financial regulations, compliance, and operations made simple. The Fortress 
API is a technology platform connecting innovators with regulated financial institutions.


Payments, compliance, accounts, trading, and other core pieces all in one integrated platform. Just the right amount of abstraction so you can focus on what matters.

Scalable Architecture

Whether you’re opening a 
hundred accounts a month or 
tens of millions a month, our Kubernetes based microservices architecture scales with you reliably and securely.


Launch in weeks, not months or years.

Our mission is to build key Infrastructure for NFT & crypto innovators that onboard the next billion people into blockchain.


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